Content commerce with ad4mat: versatile partner integrations

Our publishing partners provide their users with lots of content about a product. They show the user the product, test it themselves, take photos and videos of it and give others the opportunity to share their opinion. In this way, ad4mat publishers deliver added value and create trust through authenticity. And this increases the chance that the user will buy the product.

We work with selected content publishers and influencers with global reach. Take a look at the following relevant examples of ad4mat content commerce integrations.

HOP Editorials: Global Vertical Websites

This is how it works:

HOP selects thousands of products from the internet for publishers to write articles about. This helps readers save time in product selection and learn about the products. For advertisers, the articles help increase revenue by reaching the ideal audience for their products or services.


  • global reach
  • active in UK; FR; DE; US; ES; PL; BE; CH; BR; AU; IE; DK; MX; NL; SE; AT; PT; IT; AR
  • websites from different industries: travel, lifestyle, home & garden, fashion, technology
HOP Editorials uses ad4mat Content Commerce
Uffmag uses Content Commerce Entertainment, Lifestyle, Shopping & Travel

This is how it works:

UFFmag is a media portal that provides hundreds of thousands of people around the world with current and fresh lifestyle content every day. Matching brands & merchants are linked within the article.


  • global reach
  • focus markets: AU; BE; BR; DE; ES; FR; IR; IT; MX; AT; PT; CH; UK; US
  • placement of links in articles about entertainment, lifestyle, shopping & travel Fashion, wellness, sports & fitness trends

This is how it works: is the trend & fashion portal with the latest fashion & fitness trends. Matching brands & merchants are included, presented and linked in the recommendation catalogue including product images.


  • high-quality lifestyle environment  with a female target group
  • focus markets: BE; DK; DE; ES; FR; IE; IT; NL; PL; AT; CH; US; UK
  • placement of merchant products in the catalogue from the areas of fashion, wellness, sports & fitness
Content Commerce on Kokowinka
Content Commerce on homeNUI

homeNUI: the search engine for furniture & co.

This is how it works:

homeNUI is the search engine for furniture, furnishings and home accessories. Matching brands & merchants are included, presented and linked in the recommendation catalogue incl. product images.


  • specialisation in furniture, furnishings & lifestyle
  • focus markets: BE; DE; ES; FR; MX; NL; PT; SE; UK; US; IT
  • placement of merchant products in the catalogue from the areas of furniture, home furnishings & lifestyle products

My Travel Guides: Travel recommendations & tips

This is how it works: is a portal around travel recommendations, tips for destinations and much more. Matching providers / advertisers are placed below the articles, e.g. to book a trip or a recommendation from the article.


  • specialisation in travel & accommodation
  • focus markets: UK; IE; US
  • placement of advertisers under articles as booking recommendation
Content Commerce on My Travel Guides
ad4mat content commerce on Price comparison content for fixed-term contracts

This is how it works: gives users not only the opportunity to compare prices from different providers in different areas. In the associated magazine, you will also find numerous useful advice articles, tips & tricks to help you decide on a product. Via links placed there, the user has the possibility to go directly to a provider.


  • content with added value
  • authentic content
  • easy integration of links into the text
Why Content Commerce with ad4mat?

ad4mat has already established many global partnerships with selected qualitative content publishers. Take advantage of the possibilities of high-quality content commerce placements with ad4mat! Brands & advertisers benefit from these advantages through ad4mat Content Commerce:

  • ad4mat works closely with publishers, so we can also take the high demands of our brands & advertisers into account when selecting placements.
  • For more than 12 years, advanced store’s cooperation with brands and publishers has been characterised by transparency and a trusting relationship.
  • When selecting publishers and placements, we make sure that the content is tailored to the users.
  • The innovative ad4mat products enable publishers to publish content commerce content as easily and seamlessly as possible.
  • Our ad4mat Publisher products are constantly being further developed according to the requirements and wishes of our partners.
What is Content Commerce?

An advertisement alone is often no longer enough to persuade internet users to buy a product. You want more: a detailed product description with photos and preferably videos, test reports and reviews from other users. The more personal the content around an offer is designed, the more it arouses the interest of the user and the higher the incentive to buy. This is exactly where content commerce comes in: Personalised content that provides more information about a product and serves as buying advice for the user. In stationary retail, the customer can ask the salesperson questions about the product; online, these questions must be answered in the best possible way through additional content. As a result, content commerce is not only less promotional than an advertisement, but also provides the user with added value in the form of additional information about the offer they are looking for.

Reach beyond your own website

Very different channels are used for content commerce: Your own shop, where an advice article or a product manual, for example, is placed in the form of embedded content such as a video. Social media channels in which the product is shown with appealing images and texts and can be commented on and rated by users. Influencers who present a product in posts and videos and recommend it to their followers also enjoy great trust.

It should be noted that the content must have the right “form” for each platform. While a product description or a product test in the form of text, ideally with accompanying photos and videos, is a good idea on the website itself, what is needed most for social media is meaningful image material.

The decisive factor in any form of content commerce is that the content is authentic. Creating the additional content does mean more effort. This is worthwhile, however, because the user does not perceive it as advertising, or not so much, but as added value in the form of information about the product.

This is why content commerce is worthwhile

Unlike banner advertising, content commerce is not primarily focused on the product, but on the user. The additional content on the various channels provides him with much more information than would be possible on an advertisement. The more authentic the content, the easier it is to gain the user’s trust. The offer is perceived less as advertising and much more as a product recommendation. This results in a higher conversion rate. A better understanding of the product can also reduce the return rate. Fewer returns thus lead to a reduction in the burden on customer service.