advanced API: Your access to thousands of advertisers worldwide

With your personal login, you get access to our API and have access to thousands of advertisers from just one endpoint – without having to apply to each one individually via different networks. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Promote the shops and offers that exactly match your content and keep an eye on all activities. Instead of having to register with several different networks, you only need access to your ad4mat account in our advanced suite.

Search for your desired advertiser and receive tracking links from different networks. How you use the links is entirely up to you. Use them in your content, use them in conjunction with the advertiser logo or build your own ads.

You can personalise the data you receive via the API with a variety of parameters. For example, choose whether to include or exclude the advertiser’s logo URL, or decide whether you want to receive the data as a csv or json file. You tell us what you need and we compile the data according to your wishes.

Examples of use for advanced API:

Content & magazine pages: Create custom text links for any of our advertisers and embed them in your content. Text links are likely to be less annoying to your users than banners, but when they click on the link they will still be directed to an offer that is of interest to them. With self-created links in your content, you can address your users in a targeted manner.

Voucher sites: Show users ads that match your voucher providers by using our API to search for specific providers and pull the corresponding ads.

advanced API at a glance
  • Access to thousands of advertisers

  • Tracking links & logo-URLs

  • Data available as JSON or CSV

  • Data-based ad control

  • 1 endpoint, thousands of possibilities

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