~ 40.000 Advertiser

The number of our advertisers is constantly growing. Find all the brands that match your content.

More than 70 networks

Register only with ad4mat instead of with each individual network.

Global brands

In our advertiser pool you will find large and small international brands with which you can earn money.
Tracking links that match your content

Include advanced links in the content of your website and increase your revenue with our tracking links! With our selection of over 40,000 advertisers from all sectors, you are guaranteed to find the shops that are of interest to your users and offer them the opportunity to find suitable offers with just one click. You benefit from our premium conditions, which we can offer you through our network partners. Advanced links are also billed on a CPO basis, which means that you earn on every purchase that a user makes via the link on your page.

How to use advanced link

Integration on your website

You write about a certain brand or its products? Then add affiliate links to parts of your text or images. With your content you arouse the interest of the user and lead them directly to the offer with the advanced link.

Newsletter placement

Pick up on a current topic or trend, inform your users about it and lead them to suitable offers via call-to-action buttons with a tracking link.

advanced link in social media

You can also include advanced links on your social media channels. Use your reach on Instagram, Facebook & Co. and recommend brands and products to your followers that you like yourself.
advanced link at a glance


Integrate advanced link into the content of your website – in the text, behind images or buttons.


Make your users aware of offers and lead them directly to the shop.

Social Media

Make money with advanced links outside your website and share them through your social posts.

Easy to use

You simply search for the desired advertiser in the advanced suite and copy the tracking link into your content.

Individual advertiser selection

Find the right advertiser for your content and your target group among around 40,000 advertisers.

Premium conditions

Benefit from remuneration on a CPO basis and our premium conditions.

Full transparency

In your advanced suite account you keep track of the performance of your installed advanced links.

Personal support

The ad4mat team is always there for you if you have any questions and will help you create and integrate your tracking links.
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