> 40,000 advertisers

The number of affiliate programs is constantly growing. Find the exact brands you’re looking for in your content.

> 80 networks

We are constantly expanding the number of connected networks and partner programs.

Global brands

In our advertiser pool you will find large and small international brands with which you can earn money.
Affiliate links directly in Google search

With the affilitizer browser extension you will see affiliate links of several networks in the Google search results. Search for products and find stores that offer an affiliate program in an affiliate network. Via the affilitizer icon you can see in which network the advertiser offers his affiliate program. Filter by networks you have an account with and pull your tracking link.

affilitizer at a glance

Easy to use

Search for brands and products in Google Search and find affiliate marketers directly in the search results.

network filter

View all affiliate partnerships of an advertiser or filter by the networks you are already signed up with.

ongoing expansion

We are constantly connecting new networks with hundreds of partner programs. We want you to find your affiliate link for every brand.
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