Price comparison for mobile communications

Comparing prices is part of online shopping for many users. After all, you can often save a lot of money by comparing offers. Especially when it comes to expensive purchases or contracts, it is worth taking a look at the prices of different providers. This is exactly where compare ad comes in: With our comparison calculators, your users have the opportunity to compare several offers directly on your site. If they find a suitable product, they can go directly to the provider with just one click. If they make a purchase there, you earn money.

Supplement your content with our compare ad comparison tables and offer your users added value when they visit your site. We currently provide you with comparison tables from the areas of mobile telephony, DSL and finance. Your users can find out about smartphones with tariffs, mobile phone or DSL tariffs and various financial offers. When selecting the parameters of the respective comparison calculators, we limit ourselves to the most important information. Too much information tends to cause uncertainty for the user and makes the tables too confusing. The clearly structured design of the calculators also helps the user to quickly find the information he is looking for. To ensure that the comparison calculators are perfectly integrated into the content of your website, you can customise the colour design and the content according to your wishes. You simply integrate the compare ad code into your page and don’t have to worry about anything else. We make sure that the content is always up-to-date for your users. In addition, we constantly add offers and bring them up to date.

compare ad at a glance
  • Informative value for your users

  • available for different industries

  • no maintenance effort

  • customisable form and content

  • only 1 code: start quickly and easily

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